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Online sports video streaming solutions

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Our client is a company from the United States that develops and supplies IT solutions for sports venues. The company had a project at the initial stage, they designed a smart camera for installation on courts and other objects.

The client turned to us with an existing prototype of a camera built on the basis of a microcomputer with an ARM architecture. Our first main task was to develop software that runs on a microcomputer and provides encoding of video data into a stream and transmitting it to the server. The second main task was to develop server software for connecting and managing multiple cameras and providing a software interface for third-party applications. Additional tasks were the development of instructions for installing and configuring the operating and developed software for the further release of the camera in the series, the implementation of possible remote administration.

In the course of the project, we also advised and helped the client with the search and engineering of constructive solutions for a moisture proof camera body.


Prepare the operating environment on an ARM microcomputer
Develop software for encoding and transmitting video data
Develop software for remote administration
Develop server software
Prepare manuals for replication
Assist in the development of structural parts of camera body

Value Delivered

Operating environment
In the process of preparing the prototype, we identified, installed and configured a set of software frameworks and a component for further development. It was an operating system with specific settings for a plug-in video sensor, a set of video sensor drivers, and frameworks for video capture and encoding. The difficulties encountered by the previous team were eliminated and the performance was fully tested.
Software for encoding and transmitting video data
We have developed and tested software that takes advantage of the ARM architecture. It was built on the basis of modern software libraries for working with multimedia, and used all the best hardware capabilities of the microcomputer and sensor in the most efficient way. The software allowed to encode video data to a modern format, productively and in high quality, and broadcast it to the Internet.
Server software and remote administration
To build a large-scale system with multiple cameras, we have developed a server software service that allows you to connect a conditionally unlimited number of devices, manage them, remotely administer and configure them. The service also supports saving, storing, and providing on-demand video data from connected devices. An external programming interface for working with third-party applications is also implemented.
Manuals for replication
Since the customer intended to replicate the cameras, there was a need to develop a sequence of quick installation, configuration and testing of the software. To do this, we prepared a container with a set of all the programs and tools used with detailed manuals for the customizer, thus reducing the time required for setting up and releasing the camera by several times.
CAD housing design support
It was also an important task for the customer to improve the existing camera body, since it had a number of design limitations, namely, it did not meet the standards of dust and moisture protection. We provided assistance from our CAD specialist, who designed solutions for the output and attachment of the sensor and plug-in ports outside the case, protecting them from shock, moisture and dust. As a result, the camera meets the IP67 and IK09 standards.

Approach and Technical Info

The total volume of the project was 10 man-months. The duration was identical. The project involved - business-analyst, project manager, DepOps engineer, full-stack developer, QA engineer, CAD specialist.

We used C++ and Python to program the microcomputer, a number of libraries such as FFmpeg, MMAPI, GStreamer for encoding video in 4K H. 264, HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols for data transmission, RTMP server, as well as a number of other parallel technologies. For CAD, we used AutoCAD software.

Work with the client continues in other projects.