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Our client is a company from Europe that provides several services for sports video streaming, as well as having a number of other technological products. The client requested to develop a web service and a web application for the administration of streams and video recordings of games from amateur courts. The application should provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for playersto book, purchase, store, share, view their videos and automatically broadcast to the Internet. After the MVP stage and product testing, was necessary to implement applications for mobile platforms.


Collect requirements
Embrace mobile platforms
Develop the architecture
Develop server software
Select technologies
Build an MVP

Value Delivered

Detailed requirements
From the beginning of the interaction with the client, it turned out that the client has a great idea and a deep understanding of the final product, but does not have detailed and formalized requirements with which to start the design and development. Therefore, our business analyst conducted a number of working sessions with the client, received the requirements from the client, and issued them in the project documentation.
System architecture
Based on the existing requirements, our system architect, together with the tech lead, in consulting with the developers, developed and approved the architecture of the planned system from the customer. Then we selected sufficient technological means for implementation. This project work was done by taking into account the further development opportunities of the project after the MVP stage.
Minimum Viable Product
Then the project manager was connected to the work, he developed the project backlog, compiled a timeline, divided the tasks from the backlog into sprints, reserved the resources necessary for execution and started implementing them. Successfully completed the application design stage, attracting two designers to work - for UX development and for graphic design. And then the programming and testing stage is just as effective.
Mobile applications
After the release of the MVP and the collection of feedback from users, an additional scope of work was formed and implemented to improve the functionality of the system and improve the user experience of interaction with the application. As well applications for iOS and Android platforms were additionally developed and placed in the markets.

Approach and Technical Info

The total project size was 11 man-months. It was completed in 5 months for the MVP and extra two months for developing applications for mobile platforms. The project involved - business-analyst, solution architect, project manager, back-end developer, full-stack developer, mobile apps developer, QA engineer.

We used the scrum approach to the project, the Symfony framework for the server part of the system, Vue.js for the front-end part of the web application, Ionic framework for mobile applications, as well as a number of other parallel technologies.

Work with the client continues in other projects.